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Help Drive Away Hunger

Providing meals, shelter, & vocational training
for people seeking a path to new life.

Donate Your Vehicle,

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2- We will connect with you to review the details and schedule the pickup/drop off of the vehicle

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Why Donate Your Car


Your donation helps hurting neighbors in your community.
We help you get the maximum possible tax donation.
Takes the stress out of trying to sell your vehicle.
Most cars accepted no matter the condition.

About Us

Portland Rescue Mission was founded because John Van Diest saw the brokenness in his community and gave his lunch to the hungry. From that moment and over the last 70 years, we have intentionally built programs to help men, women, and children struggling with homelessness and despair to find their way home.

We do that through meals, shelter, compassionate care, long-term recovery, vocational training, and encircling people with strong community support.

We have multiple locations across Portland that work to serve and restore individuals to new life one of which is Drive Away Hunger, a car donation and sales nonprofit dedicated to changing lives. Each Portland Rescue Mission program meets people where they are at and walk with them at a pace they can sustain.
About 80% of all Restoration program participants—men and women—remain free from addictions and in housing up to four years after graduation.

Drive Away Hunger is part of Portland Rescue Mission, a 501(c)(3) charity in Portland, Oregon. Your vehicle donation is fully tax-deductible and proceeds go to Portland Rescue Mission serving hurting neighbors in our community with meals, shelter, and compassionate care.

More About Portland Rescue Mission

How Your Donation Helps

stat icon 580

Average meals provided by each vehicle

stat icon 10

Vocational programs offered

stat icon 80

Percent are addiction free and in housing 4 years after graduation

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Frequently Asked Questions


How easy is it to donate a vehicle?

Easy! You can do it anytime, right online. Donate at night while you are in your PJs. Just hop online and fill out the form. We will call you the next business day to get all the info needed.


What kind of car can be donated?

Any vehicle within the Portland metro area that has a title or a car you have ownership of. This includes cars, vans, pickups, RVs, boats, motorcycles, medium to heavy trucks, buses and fleet vehicles.


How do you get the maximum donation for my vehicle?

Our mechanics take most donated vehicles and run them through a rigorous 70-point inspection. If there are minor repairs needed we take care of those before it goes onto our lot for sale. We wash and detail the vehicle before it is put out onto the lot. When your vehicle sells, you should be able to write off the sale price on your tax return. You will need to determine how the tax deduction applies to your specific tax situation.


What if my vehicle donation runs and drives but needs more work?

If your vehicle donation does not meet our stringent safety requirement but still runs and drives, we will place it in our “under $1000” project car section. We often have buyers looking for a car or truck they want to fix themselves. By selling it as a project vehicle you receive the maximum tax value for your car and you can feel good about the meals and shelter it will provide for those in your community who are struggling with homelessness. While we do recycle or scrap some cars, this is our last resort. We really want all possible vehicles to be available to our recovery program people for training purposes.


Do you tow vehicles?

Yes! The main paperwork you need is your title. You can start the process of donating your vehicle by filling out our quick form online. Within the next business day, we will call you back to talk with you about your vehicle. We can then arrange a time to get the title and have the vehicle towed—normally within a week.


What paperwork do I need to donate a vehicle?

Title and proof of ownership (ID). If you don’t have a title we can apply for a lost title and help you get the necessary paperwork.


How do you determine the value of my donated vehicle?

The IRS Car Donation Tax Laws allow you to donate your vehicle to an approved 501(c)(3) charity. Your vehicle will either be:

  1. A vehicle sold for $500 or less can be claimed as a $500 tax deduction, without any additional paperwork.
  2. If your vehicle is sold for $500 or more, your deduction will be the final sale price. Once we sell the car you will know the exact price that can be deducted. You will be asked to provide your Social Security number to complete the IRS Form.

Please consult a tax professional on how IRS rule 4303 applies to you.

We will provide you with a receipt stating the final sale price of your vehicle within 30 days of its sale.


Do you have vehicles for $1000?

Yes. These vehicles do not meet our stringent safety requirements for various mechanical reasons. We sell them as-is at a reasonable price. No warranty or implied reliability exists. If you want a project vehicle or you want to fix a vehicle for yourself to use this would be a great place to come take a look.


Can I deduct my vehicle donation on my taxes?

Yes, because Portland Rescue Mission is a 501(c)(3) your vehicle is 100% tax-deductible. All you need to do is call 503-906-7673 or use the form above. Donation is easy. We will help you through all the steps. Your vehicle will provide meals, shelter, and compassionate care to hundreds of struggling people in our community.


Do you take vehicles from other states?

Yes, but other states have different rules and paperwork requirements that we have to consider, so there is a possibility we will need more details. You can call us at 503-906-7673 to get the process started.


How does my vehicle donation help people with vocational training?

Men and women in Portland Rescue Mission’s long-term restoration programs—The Harbor for men and Shepherd’s Door for women—work in jobs at Drive Away Hunger that develop new transferrable skills.

Throughout the program we emphasize being responsible, being on time, being ready to work, and taking pride in what they are doing. Some of the vocational jobs our participants are trained in include forklift training, tow truck operation, car detailing, administration and title work, lot attending, vehicle sales, marketing, cashiering, and processing donations.